This is where people and businesses advertise goods and services
they have for sale.

This is where a “Classified Ad” costs only $2.00 for an
entire MONTH.
This is where the advertiser can include a photo for only
$2.00 more.

Publish a FOR SALE ad for Your Car, Your Crafts, Your Art, Your
Surplus Tools, Furniture, Bikes, Books, Lawn Mowers, Antiques,
TVs, computers, Printers, or just about anything that is legal to sell
in Wisconsin.

ads4monroe.com is also an economical platform for people or
organizations to post announcements of interest:

Services: Repair, Install, Clean, Build, Auction Notices, Yard Sales,
Event Schedules, Civic or School Happenings, Sporting Events and
Announcements are priced at $2.00 for a full month.
And, you can add a photo for an additional $2.00.


BANNER 10-40k